Prisma offers development opportunities for everyone!

Prisma Trainee programme

Prisma has many opportunities for daytime or night work, piece-work and seasonal work with different workloads. In order to provide young people with a quick opportunity to improve their knowledge of commerce and learn the work of a manager, Prisma has created the trainee development programme.

Rika Laan has also passed the Prisma Trainee programme, having worked in various fields and graduating from TEKO and the Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management and finding her way to Prisma shelves a few years ago through the services of a labour rental company. The store manager noticed her entrepreneurial nature and invited her to work at Kristiine Prisma. There, Rika was responsible for the fruit and vegetable department as a team leader. As Prisma has a tradition of advertising all the open positions to its own employees first, Rika saw the advertisement for the Trainee programme in her inbox.

Rika talks about it in more detail: “When I saw the advertisement for the Trainee programme, I thought I was definitely not ready for it yet because I was still too unexperienced. I got the impetus to join the programme from my store manager, who suggested that I try it.”

For Rika, the Trainee programme was very dense, intense and exciting. She enjoyed the variety of the programme, learned the theory together with other trainees and acquired the skills by constantly changing stores; tried out the work and work management both at a hypermarket and at the smaller Vanalinna supermarket. Rika adds: “We started from the lowest level and kept moving on. Every work process had to be learned in a different store, so I got to know most of Prisma’s houses and staff, met my lovely colleagues and also made friends. I have started to see the bigger picture, gained more confidence and courage. I feel that I am in the right place and I want to keep developing further together with Prisma.”

This year, Rika Laan started working as a project manager at Prisma, now developing a system that makes it easier to manage work schedules.


Rika recommends: Work at Prisma suits everyone who has the will, enthusiasm and interest in working in commerce – Prisma offers lots of opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and experience. I highly recommend store work to those who are still a little hesitant or sceptical – step out of your comfort zone and seize the opportunities Prisma offers!

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