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Prisma is an international retail chain for food and industrial goods with stores resembling department stores – the customer has access to everything they need at good prices!

According to its market share, Prisma is the fifth largest chain in Estonia and stands out for its spacious shopping environment, 24-hour stores, permanently affordable prices, and a distinctive product range. We have many unique products that we are able to sell at affordable prices thanks to being a member of S-Group.

Today, Prisma Peremarket AS employs nearly 900 people, many of whom have been with us for over five years. Prisma has eight large hypermarkets in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva. In the last years we have also opened smaller supermarkets in Tallinn Old Town, Harku, Tiskre, Rapla and Maardu.  The plan is to open more stores in the coming years!

Come join our wonderful team to make the lives of Estonian people better together!

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What are the reasons to work in Prisma?

It’s important for us to offer an excellent working environment and good opportunities for development, so we support one another by having regular development interviews and continuously monitoring people’s job satisfaction. We have Scandinavian working culture and friendly colleagues. Flexible working schedule and very beneficial bonuses are waiting for you!

  • Opportunities for development

    You can quickly climb the career ladder with us! If you raise your skill-level and learn Estonian you can get a higher salary.

  • Good bonuses

    We give 420 EUR per year for sports, celebrate important anniversaries and have lot of more useful bonuses.

  • Healthy opportunities

    Prisma has a highly versatile health promotion programme for its employees!

  • Flexibility

    There is an option to work full time or for shorter hours during day or night.

  • Free language studies during working hours

    If necessary, we organise language lessons in Estonian, Russian and English.

Why should you work at Prisma?

Working at Prisma, you will become familiar with commerce that provides you with excellent experiences for your entire career. Work at Prisma is varied, the colleagues are nice, and the schedule is flexible. You also have the opportunity to diversify your career in different positions both in stores and in support units.

Prisma cares about its employees and continuously makes sure that all its staff and people applying for a job at Prisma have equal opportunities to work for us. Diversity is a very appropriate word to describe our staff as our team includes both younger and older individuals, both men and women, both experienced and people just starting out in their careers. Prisma employs people from over ten different countries and cultures – we are proud of our staff because differences enrich us all!

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The work at Prisma is flexible and educational

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Positions in a Prisma store

  • Customer Service
    The job of a Customer Service at Prisma is to perform all the simplest tasks related to service and goods. Customer Service personel work both at the cash register and in the sales area by helping Prisma customers in finding goods as well as by being responsible for the orderliness of the sales area, displaying goods and monitoring the availability and loss of goods. The job of Prisma Customer Service person is easy, fast and a good way to get to know the retail world!
  • Team Leader
    The job of a Team Leader is to coordinate work in their department and be responsible for the results of this work. In addition to mastering all the normal work processes, Team Leader also monitors and analyses the necessary performance reports, adjusts product inventories if necessary, checks and analyses the execution of product selection and product availability, resolves complaints, ensures training for new employees, and continuously monitors product quality. The job of Prisma Team Leader is exciting, varied and offers many opportunities for development!
  • Picker for ePrisma
    Our e-store ePrisma has an interesting job to gather the e-store customers orders in the store, pack everything accordingly, mark as necessary and hand it over to the couriers. This is also a job of customer service where one has to communicate with both the customers and couriers, to find the best solutions with our opportunities. The main tool is the ePrisma tablets and this job is for those who are good in communication, accurant and fast in all the processes.
  • Customer Service in Food Market
    Food Market Customer Service person has to have all the skills of a regular Customer Service and additionally work on the food counter displays, presenting and actively selling these products. Food Market Customer Service person knows the peculiarities of cooking and can give good recommendations on what to choose from among the pre-cooked dishes. The job of the Food Market Customer Service is an excellent way to develop your skills in everyday customer service!

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions you may have when applying for a job at Prisma. If you can’t find an answer to the topic you’re interested in, feel free to contact us!

  • Which positions are available at Prisma?

    At Prisma, you can work in stores and in different departments in the office. We are looking for specialists with prior experience as well as people from other fields or even young people looking for their first job. You can find the detailed job descriptions on this website under the descriptions of positions in a Prisma store.

  • How to apply for a job at Prisma?

    Applying for a job at Prisma is easy. If you find a job offer that interests you:

    • Click on the APPLY/KANDIDEERI button in the job ad.
    • Enter your details.
    • You will be given a written confirmation once we have received your application.
    • Suitable candidates will be contacted, or a response will be sent by e-mail.
  • How should I prepare for an interview?
    • What do you know about our company?
    • Think about the questions you’d like to ask us.
    • Learn about the position you’re applying for.
    • Think about your strengths and why you’d make the best candidate for the job.

    Don’t forget to be in a good mood at the interview!

  • What are the working hours in Prisma stores?

    Working hours depend on the chosen position. Work in stores is scheduled; there are both morning and evening shifts. If desired, work at night is also possible. We offer both full-time and part-time work.

  • What is the salary?

    Salary for working in the store is calculated based on hourly wages, plus various additional remuneration (bonus for working in the evening and weekends, performance-based bonus). You can influence the level of you salary according to your skill-level.

    Come to an interview and we can explain everything in detail!

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Prisma Peremarket AS office is situated in Tallinn, Lasnamäe district, next to Lasnamäe Prisma store.

Address Mustakivi road 17